The INICA Business Suite

Multiple Modules to transform your business.

INICA is a suite of software modules that provides a total business solution for any patient or customer facing business. It was designed by business operators to meet the need for multi-site, real time, remote access.

It means that through secure networks patient files can be viewed and updated remotely, KPI’s managed in real time and work flows made consistent across any estate.

Critically, all the modules whilst independent of one another, can be interconnected so that data moves between system sections without the need for re-keying, creating seamless and accurate workflows.

iN Management Information

Do you really know what is happening “under the bonnet” of your business? With INICA, you can! Get real time information in a secure manner and incentivise your team with key targets over a month, a quarter or a year.

The Management Information module allows you to understand the demographics of your patients and make key business decisions based on fact, not fiction!

iN Marketing

Create and publish targeting campaigns based on the information from iN Marketing. Link to social media accounts, link to in practice data. The beauty of INICA… Its all connected……… As are you!

iN Practice & Patient Management

The core INICA Engine Room enables you to take control of:

  • registration
  • appointment book management
  • flow dynamics
  • e-signature medical histories and treatment plans
  • medical/non-medical charting
  • record keeping
  • payment
  • follow-up communications

iN People

Is it possible to simplify and streamline your operations and HR workload? We certainly think so.

The People module includes a range of sophisticated tools to help you manage clinical compliance, recruitment and on-boarding, patient and people management, associate payments, rota management and much more…

iN Suppliers & Servicing

The Supplier Portal gives approved providers the ability to load and monitor their invoices as they go through the approval and payment process. Lab bills can be checked by the commissioning clinician or reconciled to the Purchase Order system and the portal provides a live and real time creditor position to actively manage cash flows. Payments terms are pre-loaded and suppliers can load individually or as bulk files. The system facilitates a paperless process and total accuracy of supplier management.

iN Finance

The Finance module has a number of functions. First it automates commissioned payments (such as % clinician pay) by reviewing completed treatments and cash receipts by individual clinician percentage and by month, and auto-decrementing any costs such as lab contribution, credit commission etc. and providing monthly invoices such that individuals can complete their own accounts easily. Secondly, it links directly to the bank so that daily receipts can be auto-reconciled and exceptions reported.

Thirdly it outputs all statutory reporting – P&L by location and group, balance sheets and more. The system also facilitates simple external auditing as all invoices, accruals, amortised income and pulled from the various supporting Modules that make up the Inica total business solution.

“The INICA systems are so easy to use and allow me to access real-time information from multiple practices making it easier for me to manage. iNICA also allows me to keep up to speed with everything I need to be aware of whether I am working from an office, in practice or even from home.”

– National Director of Operations

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